If after reading the FAQ page, you can't find a solution, open a ticket by sending an email to our SUPPORT DESK:

help [AT] liveactionintros.com

Does it work on MAC and PC?

Yes! it works on MAC and PC. We developed Live Action Intros with ADOBE AIR. It is very easy to install it and use it.

Can I sell these Intro Videos?

Yes! you can sell them to clients, customers, local businesses or by offering freelancing services.

Can I Install it in more than 1 computer?

No. Your license only allows you to use it on 1 computer, either a MAC or PC. If you try it the License wont work.

How can I Merge these Intro Videos to other videos?

We're including in the bonuses a link to a FREE Video Editor (very easy to use) and a training video that explains you how to do it in seconds!.

Where is my LICENSE?

After purchase you are going to get an email from LicenseEngine.com with your LICENSE. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it. Another way to get your license is by using the JVZOO Transaction ID, ie: 'AP-XXXXXXX', then your license would be 'XXXXXXX' Just remove the 'AP-' bit. (DO NOT USE - IT IS AN EXAMPLE)

What kind of logo can I add?

You need to use a transparent PNG image 500x500px recommended (could be less), please be sure you are using a transparent PNG otherwise the Intro Video wont look good.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! it is very easy to use, just 3 easy step, 1. choose your intro video template, 2. Add your logo, 3. Click on the Export button, done, you have your new video.

What happens if I've problems with the software?

You wont, but if for any reason you do, just contact support: help [AT] liveactionintros.com and tell us what is wrong, we will do our best to help you.

How can I IMPORT more Intro Videos?

Just click on the IMPORT button on the software and add the ZIP file with the NEW Intro Videos.